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How much will it cost to get to the airport from Bedford?

Vehicle Luton Airport Heathrow Airport Stansted Airport Gatwick Airport
Car £30 £60 £65 £135
Estate £30 £60 £65 £135
MPV (5 people) £30 £60 £65 £135
Minibus (8 people) £30 £60 £65 £135
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Your complete guide to airport transfers from Bedford

Here we have compiled your complete guide to getting to the airport via transfer or public transport, especially if you haven't been in a while or if you're now carrying extra luggage that doesn't go in the boot. We have answered all the questions that we could think of and added things that may be helpful to you for your trip

The first thing is obviously getting to the airport in which you have a few options:

    How to get to the different airports?
  • Driving yourself and parking in the mid to long term car parks (expensive)
  • Best car route to Luton, Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick airport
  • Public transport - the combinations of train and shuttles to most airports are comprehensive (cheap if travelling on your own)
  • Check out our guide for public transport from Bedford to the airport
  • Taxi or transfer to the airport (cost effective and cheaper if travelling with 2+ people)
  • Get an instant fixed price for your airport transfer
  • Getting a free(ish) ride - this has to be the best choice but is rarely an option, especially for your 4am flight

Once dropped off (usually at the airport assigned area) you must navigate through the ever changing car park and enterance layouts to find your bag drop or the security gate. This can be challenging for a lot of people so we have a regularly updated layout and guide to each UK airport which you can download for free.

You can book your taxi at any time, we can get you a car within minutes although the longer you give us the better vehicle and driver we can allocate. When to get there? This depends on what your plan is - usually airports want you there as early as possible for commerical reasons as well as logistic. Many requent flyers are well aware of this and book our taxis so they get to the airport an hour within their scheduled flight time (not gate time). We do not recommend this, on average clearling security will take around 20-40 minutes so an hour before your gate closure time or half an hour before your bag drop time is sufficient. Others prefer to spend time at the airport, grab a coffee or have some lunch for which you will obviously need to arrive earlier for.

Yes! Athough children under the age of 3 may sit on an adults lap and any older must wear a seatbelt, these are the exceptions for taxis; we dont' recommend this and you can find our guidance with free car seat storage information here, you can also read the .gov official guidance .

To London Luton airport we charge £30, London Heathrow airport £60-65, London Stansted £65 and Gatwick £120.
Get your instant fixed price quote.

We offer a comprehensive stress free airport taxi service in Bedford twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Based locally, you have the added reassurance of a service that is accessible around the clock. We know of road closures, diversions or any other information that may not be readily available and we prepare for you.

Most companies are third party booking agents that take your booking but pass the job on to local companies and of course charge you a premium. The problem is yo don't know the company they will pass your booking on to; most are not vetted and may not be reliable as well as there being no accountability (you can't call these companies if your taxi doesn't arrive they will tell you to contact the booking agent).
We offer all payment methods be it cash or card with instantly emailed invoices at no extra cost.

The best and closest airport to Bedford has to be London Luton Airport, especially if you're travelling from Europe; it's approximately 28 miles from Bedford and we can usually have a car there in around 30 minutes. London Heathrow is second at around 57 miles away and obviously have more flight destinations that London Luton, but not by much. Second to last would be Stansted airport which is 54 miles from Bedford and although closer in distance is further in time. Lastly would be Gatwick airport the cost and time taken to get to this airport from Bedford is almost double that of the other airports. There are also Birmingham, London City but the ones listed here are the most popular.

If you’re going with a group or with lots of luggage, your best option is a minibus (even compared to public transport). Most minibuses can take 5-8 passengers and all your luggage including your skis and snowboards, the larger minibuses are subject to availability but are still there. More info on minibuses

So many of you travel for business or need important clients collecting. We send your airport taxi early for these bookings at no extra cost. This means your executive car will be waiting for you earlier than standard bookings. Our business clients usually fly through customs and often only have hold luggage so the taxi is will be waiting at the airport at landing time. You can also upgrade your airport taxi to an executive service and pay on any company card (including American Express) with your invoice emailed to you instantly. If it’s a regular booking and need to open an account that’s also possible.

Download our free aiport guide - find an example of free download link on another blog site- build db of customers